About Us

Our Past

Established in 1978, the Fictitious City Radio Club (FCRC) began as a small group of committed ham radio enthusiasts based in the heart of Fictitious City. Our founders shared a common passion for wireless communication, with a deep belief in the immense power it holds for community service, fostering friendships, and facilitating emergency communications. Today, we stand tall as a testament to their dedication and vision, with over 200 active members from different walks of life, embracing everyone from seasoned radio veterans to budding enthusiasts.

The Club Today

Over the past four decades, FCRC has witnessed exponential growth, not only in our membership but also in our societal impact. Our members are heavily involved in RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), lending a critical helping hand during natural disasters and other emergencies. We take immense pride in our contribution to public service events, annually participating in local marathons, parades, and festivals where we provide critical communication services to ensure these events are executed smoothly and safely.

Our Future

However, our journey is far from complete, and the horizon beckons us with endless possibilities. We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join our fraternity. At FCRC, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, share knowledge, contribute to vital community services, and make lifelong friends. So, whether you are an experienced ham operator or a curious beginner with an interest in radio communication, FCRC is the perfect place for you. Embrace the exciting world of ham radio and become part of our growing family. Join us today to add a new chapter to the glorious history of the Fictitious City Radio Club.

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