Recommended Links

Displayed below are links to web resources we encourage all club members to visit and enjoy. If there are any free online resources not listed that you feel would benefit fellow members, feel free to recommend them to the system admin for evaluation and posting on this list.

License Training

Ham Test Online – Online Ham Radio License courses for the latest exams

Morse Academy – Shareware CW learning software

Radio Signals – 20 presentations covering all the topics related to getting your initial ham radio license


American Radio Relay League

ARRL – Largest amateur radio organization in the United States.


IARU Region 2 Band Plan

Band Plan  


Graphical Band Plan

Printable PDF Download 


Antenna Sites

Random Wire Antenna lengths made easy

End Fed antenna design and construction

Over 350 Different Wire Antenna Designs

RigExpert Antenna Analyzers  Reflectometers 


Spotting Programs

Reverse Beacon – Is anyone hearing me when I call CQ?

DX Summit – One of the top DX spotting sites available on the web.


Solar Reports

Space Weather Live – Find live up-to-date solar activity including sunspot count and solar flux numbers.