Local Repeaters

Listed below are the repeaters located within 30 miles of Fictitious City.

2 Meter145.120minus100.0Brunswick FerryFallsW1PPM
2 Meter145.190minus100.0Patrick FarmsFalls W1TYU
2 Meter145.25minus107.2EmersonSpringW1RTY
70 cm443.71plus77.0Wayland CourtSummersW1VFG
70 cm444.70plus77.0Mason WaySummersW1JKL
70 cm444.80plus77.0WillardWintersW1OPP

NOTE: All data listed in the table above is purely fictional and non-operational. Remember, this data is for a fictional city called Fictitious City. Any resemblance of repeater data, including the CallsIgn for the repeater (which was randomly generated) is in no way intended to be related to an actual person or amateur radio club or organization.